What GHS Stands For?


GHS stands for Globally Harmonized System for the Labeling of Chemicals and it was developed by the United Nations so all the nations can agree about the regulations of their chemicals. It is a great way to get all the countries on the same page but it will never work out. All countries have their own principles and new ones could make them have different opinions all over again. Besides, they all say to each his own which means everyone could have different opinions about a certain issue.

For example, right now the United States has an election going on for who can become their next president and there are only two candidates, the democrats and the republicans. The nation is divided as to who will they will vote but one of them is one of the country’s richest men in Donald Trump. The Philippines is also having an election in a couple of months and they have a lot of candidates but only 5 are expected to get a majority of the votes.