The GHS standardized elements are 6 which include the signal word which is either DANGER or WARNING. It could really depend on the severity of the chemical as the chemist will give an estimate on what word will be put on the label but you can be rest assured it be one of the two eve though they probably mean the same thing. It is to stay away of the chemical as much as possible or to take care of yourself every time you are near it.dsc_0065

Another standardized element is the Precautionary Statements which are the steps the employees take in order to protect themselves from these chemicals. The steps can become a lot or it can become not a lot and that would really depend on the chemical. The important thing here is the employee will end up safe as one simple mistake can make his face permanently dismembered.

Another one is the Manufacturer Contact Information which includes the name, phone number and address of the manufacturer and it is possible the chemicals could have different manufacturers as some manufacturers can’t make some chemicals.