US and Canada

The United States and Canada are known to punish anybody who does not seem to abide by the HCS and the WHMIS which is good news because they take the regulations seriously. The penalty could go up to a hefty $1M in Canada which is no joke considering the dollar exchange nowadays. It is important for everyone to abide by their own chemical regulations because of that. The nations are certainly careful with regards to protecting the health of their citizens.


Of course, they can’t determine how the citizens will take care of their own health as that would be up to them if they would exercise regularly and live a healthy diet. It would be extremely hard to do that but there is no harm in trying since you only have one body so you must take good care of it no matter what happens. You see a lot of people really take care of their body since they don’t want to look old and it has been effective for some but not all of them.